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If you are looking for a professional website that is user-friendly for your School, College, Universities and Coaching Centres, then you have hit the right place. Smart Web Hub understands your need of wide range of sections and different functionality. This helps you to enjoy all the benefits of professional website.

Why is it essential for school, college, universities and coaching centres to have a website?

Prospective parents now-a-days use the internet to search for school, college or other education centre for their kids. To focus on generation & tech-savvy parentages it is more essential to have a beautiful, usable and mobile-ready website that endeavours the leverages & benefits for choosing your esteemed institutions for their kids.

Your website is the doorway to increase the admissions & growing your education centre’s popularity.

Why Smart Web Hub should be preferred?

  • We creates a successful website design for both higher education and schools that serves prospective students, current students, professors, parents and community members.
  • We help schools, universities and education organizations like coaching centres to use the online market to drive business objectives.
  • Providing with driven resultsstates that we focus on metrics that benefits schools and education non-profits with feasible and measurable engagement.
  • Smart Web Hub believes in making the websites that includes a clear and measurable performance which supports the superior organization. Generally, a brochure cannot do that.

At Smart Hub we understand that well-designed website often indicates expertise and integrity. When you invest time and effort into aptly branding your website, you will find your website as your most reasonable marketing tool. Hence, we make sure that you enjoy all the benefits of a professional website.

Our website services to Schools, Colleges include:

  • A school or college or Coaching website with proficient graphic design for your institution.
  • A website offering a means of communication to both parents and the community where you can perform major announcements for parents and communities.
  • Parent-teacher meets notifications.
  • A website system that consents the website to grow as the requirements of the school variation from year to year including the introduction of new courses.
  • A school website with a professional navigation map to help in finding location.
  • A website where latest news/announcements is being displayed
  • A website document management system that can be an admission from outside the school through a secure login.
  • We provide an integrated SMS system
  • Notification of organizing summer/winter/spring camps and festive celebrations.
  • Management of staff members profiles updates.
  • Description of Achievement of Students.
  • Academic term dates updates, fees updates.
  • General awareness programme announcements.
  • Assist you with timely web upgrades and suggestions so that you walk along the new trends.

With the help of most advanced technology we are able to produce highly customized, user friendly web experiences for your objectives to gain good number of admissions.

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