LI3 - Lithium Framework

What Is Lithium Framework?

  • Lithium is an advanced web framework in PHP.
  • Li₃ provides your development with full control over your application, from filters to vigorously alter framework internals.
  • It also offers dynamic responsibleness to extend and substitute core classes with application or plugin classes, it provides an platform to use heavy adapter-oriented configurations, to make it all-in-one to move amid with different technologies and options.

What Makes Lithium Special?

  • One of the most significant feature of li₃ is community help.
  • It is found that many people are ready to propose help with the frameworks and save updated with the latest forms to enable supreme usability.
  • Li₃ takes completes advantage of the latest PHP language features that includes namespaces, late static binding and closures.
  • Li₃ is the first and only one chief PHP framework built from the ground up for PHP 5.3+, and the primary key to break ground into major new technologies.

Why Choose Smart Web Hub?

  • Our technical experts have understood the technique of bridging the gap between interpersonal and non-relational databases through a single, unified API.
  • The framework's API is deliberately designed to let your industry to grow out the framework and into your own custom code over the course of your application's lifecycle, whatever your needs require.
  • We find f Lithium framework as innovative method of filter system that creates extensive use of closures and numerous functions allow application creators to "wrap" framework method calls, intercepting parameters before, and return values after.
  • The framework also consists of PSR-4, the PHP namespacing standard. This allows user to easily assimilate other PHP standard libraries and frameworks with your applications, and vice-versa.
  • We have well experienced hand into it.

We are the right team if you are looking for a development with the Lithium framework. We understand your requirement and work on the same to help you focus more on your business. Lithium framework makes development lite and easy to use. Contact us now to start with your project.